Camping tips for beginners

Camping tips

Are you someone who wishes to experience different things in life? Do you want to move away from the daily routine and enjoy something unique? I believe everyone wants to enjoy something different after a while. We all are stuck in a 9-5 routine where we follow the same activities daily. Don’t we get fed up with doing the same things daily?

Yes, almost everyone does. This is why people plan some picnics, family time, sports on weekends so that they can feel relaxed and their mind becomes fresh. However, doing the same sports or going to the same restaurant or mall isn’t advisable. You should always plan on breaking the stereotypes and enjoying something different for yourself.

Going to the beach or going hiking are common picnic spots among people. However, just following the same picnic tradition can take away the joy of it. Either you need to change the location of your picnic or you need to enhance the experience altogether. Changing the location is difficult as you are used to the spots and there are limited picnic spots available in a city. So you can only plan those spots. However, you can always plan on enhancing the experience of the same spots.

Bringing a change

 The question is how can you do that? It is relatively simple. You can play with your timings. For example, earlier, if you used to go to the beach or on hiking early in the morning and come back at night. Now what you can do is plan on staying the night there and return the next morning. Believe it or not, it will be a mesmerizing experience looking at the sunset first and then the sunrise. It would truly be amazing. You will value nature.

Researchers have proved that spending time with nature helps relax your mind. You feel free and enjoy the cool breeze that passes through. Most of your worries for that moment are forgotten and you are into the enjoyment part. Don’t we all want a complete day of relaxation so we are ready to fight the world in the coming days? We do. A day like this refreshes you and brings in positive energy that can be carried to bring better productivity and energy at work.


Once we have talked about the idea of staying with nature we also should plan on how we can do that. There aren’t many rooms available where you can stay on the beach or in the mountains. You need to have something of your own to stay in these places. There are possibilities of animals being there, so you need to have a small roof and sides covered. All this covering comes through tents which are specially used materials for camping. They help your body be covered from all sides and have an ample amount of space to help keep all your belongings. It is an easy setup which is not that costly because of which it is advisable to buy your tents which can be used for a long time.

Camping is a temporary shelter. For a day or two, temporary shelters are more than enough. They will allow you to be on the ground and look through the sunset and sunrise. Isn’t this amazing? You can’t look at nature if you’re staying in furnished rooms. Through tents, you can be part of the surroundings and enjoy a completely different experience. This would be poles apart from your everyday living. Isn’t this the reason we come for picnics? We suggest everyone must have this experience at least once they will never forget it and keep on doing it for years and years.

Why should we go camping?

To proceed with any activity, there is always a question of why should we do that? For one of our favorite activities, we have proper answers to why you should go for it. The basic rationale for this is you get to spend quality time with your loved ones. We often plan these activities with friends and family who we meet once in a while. Camping gives us a good opportunity to spend time with each other. We play different games, have meals, and plan other activities during this time which becomes enjoyable. It’s mainly because of the accompanying people.

Other than this, during camping, you get to meet new people who are also there to enjoy a fun time with their loved ones. It is always a pleasure meeting new people. You can connect with them and have a good time. Camping gives you an ample amount of time to connect with them, get to know them, and even make them your future partners for these sorts of activities. Isn’t this great fun?

One of the major advantages of camping is how you spend quality time with nature. The serenity you get from there is unmatchable. It is a mesmerizing experience. You find inner peace in spending quality time with nature. Something that you miss in your daily routine. A hectic schedule kills the inner peace of a person; he needs to find that inner peace from somewhere else. Camping has given you a huge opportunity to enjoy this time and feel relaxed. You enjoy the environment, the surroundings, the serenity, the coolness of the breeze, and the calmness over there. This gives you a lot of inner peace.

Sense of Accomplishment

Once you have completed an entire period of camping be it a day or more you feel accomplished. It’s a sense of achievement as you have done something that you usually believe you can’t. It’s like breaking the norms and going through a challenging task. A great feeling of accomplishment and success lies within a person as he has achieved the inner peace he was looking for in different segments. The fear of staying in the mountains and the beach is over now once you camped. Now, you can do this more often.

Some useful Tips

If you’ve already planned on experiencing this activity soon, I would like to give you some tips which will help you improve your overall experience.

  • Location is very important: To begin with, you must plan your initial camping in a place which you like and are aware of all the surrounding areas. You can’t go for your first camping at a place which has animals nearby or does not have water availability. Your first experience will become horrendous and you wouldn’t plan about going for another one anytime soon. You must consider the location appropriately you just can’t say that I will camp at a particular place. Proper planning is required to setup. Otherwise, there can be huge problems which we can’t even imagine. Choose a location where you have been before for day trips. If it’s safe and all the resources are available over there, then only choose this location otherwise go for another one.

Choosing the right tent:

  • Spending fortunes on the tent is not advisable: People believe that expensive trips are relatively more enjoyable in comparison to normal trips. For this, what they do is they spend a lot of money on the buying of tents. They think that it will be a better trade-off, however, it’s a myth. You can’t just enhance your experience by setting up expensive tents. You need to enjoy the surroundings, nature, and the company of your loved ones. What will this expensive tent do? Nothing really, it’s just there to cover you and give a private feeling. So stop spending a lot of money on buying these tents. Look for relatively cheaper options. They are better.
  • A bigger tent is necessary: We don’t advise you to buy expensive tents but what we do say is that you should go for bigger tents. Tents which contains space for at least the no. of people present there along with their gears. If you compromise on that your trip will be ruined. You will face the space shortage which is a huge problem. Camping is about the experience if you enjoy it then only you plan to do it again. By having smaller tents, you wouldn’t have the space to enjoy ad your overall experience will be doomed. You just don’t want that to happen.

Weather Forecast

  • Be particular about the weather: At times, people plan their trips without considering how the weather plays an important part in it. If it’s too cold, you wouldn’t be able to do any activity without a bonfire; so be sure about the precautions necessary to cater to the particular weather. In very hot weather you should have ice packs and water bottles, ice coolers to help you fight the heatwave. Your clothing should also be according to the weather otherwise you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it a bit. You will keep on fighting the weather extremes. It is advisable not to plan your trips doing weather extremes. Try to execute these trips when it’s not that hot nor very cool. You will enjoy the trip better.

Proper Planning

  • Carry proper resources: One of the most important aspects of camping is the resources. If you do not possess the proper resources, you are doomed. Camping has a proper gear like other activities. If any of them is missing, then you will face huge troubles. You can’t go back to your house to get those things nor there do any shops available to get them. So these things must be there with you. Some of the resources include the entire tent set up without that you can’t stay there. Then you need to have wood if you plan for a bonfire. Similarly, a good quantity of food is important as you have to stay for a longer period. You should have food for all the meal times. There should be proper water bottles which can store a good amount of water. Apart from the iceboxes and medical facilities are very important. They will be needed at some point or the other.
  • Plan your trip: It is always advisable that you plan everything before executing. Your plan should include the no. of days you want to stay there. You should plan your meals according to the time you have to stay there. How many water bottles would be needed and most importantly what other things do you need? You can’t just wear normal clothes and shoes for this experience. Get the entire attire from proper websites selling these things? With this, you will be able to be ready for your camping experience. You wouldn’t face any trouble if your activity is well planned. Once you enjoy this experience you will love to have more of it in the coming days.


As stated above, if you are someone who is looking for a relatively newer and better experience in terms of picnic, you should give camping a try. Away from your house, away from the same surrounding, the same people you will love this experience. Just go and enjoy a day or two out with people you like. Try and connect with new people and love the experience. Just be sure to follow the tips provided. Remember, it’s not an expensive outing so keep it less costly by buying cheaper tents. Don’t go for very expensive tents. However, look for spacious tents. A shortage of space can hinder you. You would feel unrelaxed in them. Carry proper resources that can help enhance your experience. Plan what is needed and get them from cheaper sites. You will then definitely love the experience.

So beginners what are you waiting for? Just go out there. Choose a location, plan your camping trip, set up a tent, and start enjoying the night out. Meet new people on the way, talk to them how they’ve enjoyed this experience and what is their expectations from this. You would remember this for a long time.

Just a final piece of advice goes with like-minded people who are ready to face a few challenges to enjoy the experience. It will make it greater fun.

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