Hiking Was Never This Easy Before

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“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.”

– Ernest Hemingway

Those are some very wise words. If you want to live life, you need to get out of the shell that we call “routine”. Life is more about than just following a routine, waking up, having breakfast, going to the office, coming back, sleeping, and then repeating the process. Try to find a break for yourself. Let your soul breathe.

There is always a question of how do you change your routine. How do I find some time for myself? Well, the answer to this is not that difficult. You just need to start appreciating whatever is around you. Nature is an important part of our surroundings which we overlook usually. One of the main ways of enjoying life is to appreciate nature, spend time in and with nature. This is how you will understand the beauty of life. You will forget the hectic life you follow instead you will enjoy every blessing provided to you by your Lord.

What is Nature?

We usually do not get the answer to this, the reason being we overlook many things provided by the nature. Have you ever been on a walk to the beach? Have you sat in a park looking at the greenery present there? Have you ever hiked in the mountains and the valleys? All this is part of nature. Isn’t this extremely beautiful? Doesn’t it give you a different level of peace and serenity? It does for everyone. This is why God has created these things. Once you start understanding the importance of these things, you will start enjoying life. All these nature activities bring a lot of peace in your life. You start valuing whatever is going around you. It becomes part of our routine.

Do We Have Time for Nature?

Previous generations used to spend a lot of time with nature. This is the reason they lived a better, peaceful, and healthy life. Our generation has put a lot of pressure on ourselves be it our studies, our office, working hours or any other responsibilities. This is the reason we don’t tale out time for nature from our daily routine. However, if we understand how important it is and how positively it can impact our lives, we will be astonished. It can bring a lot of serenity in our lives, releasing those tension and giving us peace of mind. Every human should figure out how to take out some time for nature from their busy routine. This is how they will feel better in their lives.

What is Hiking?

When we talk about nature, mountains are one of the major components of it. None of the people who appreciate nature can deny how valuable mountains are. Living in the mountains, staying there and spending time on them is a lot of fun. The weather over there is amazing. Most importantly, the view it brings is blissful. It is just as beautiful as heaven. You would wish to spend your whole life in that amazing weather and unpolluted area because of the beautiful view it brings. It is so peaceful out there that you forget all your tensions and come out as a relaxed person.

Hiking is part of this process. It is a means through which you reach the mountains. Walking on a high elevated area like mountains is hiking. There are a lot of people in the world who enjoy hiking. It is considered as one of the most popular sports in different countries. The reason being it tests your athleticism along with giving you a tough goal to fulfill. The aim is to reach a particular point which is usually the highest peak of the mountain. This gives you a challenge that not every other person could do. Only fighters who are ready to take upon different challenges go for it and feel a sense of achievement once they complete the task.  It gives you immense pleasure as the journey is very beautiful and the final destination is probably the best. You just want to take upon this challenge to help achieve a completely different experience from what you see in your daily life.

Is it Challenging?

People who give up early and are unable to take on challenges will call hiking, a tough sport. However, someone who is willing to experience something different in life and is passionate about achieving something big will not call it challenging. They will call it mind-blowing as it brings out the best of you. It’s not just about walking through a passage, it’s also about planning your journey, where will you stop, how will you clear your obstacles and when will you plan to complete this journey? All these are planned before going and then you experience different things which you have to sort out in between. Isn’t this amazing?

Do we simply want to end our life playing the same sport we used to play from our childhood? Wouldn’t it be boring? It is very important for a growth mindset that you try different things in your life. It can be anything but exposure is very important. If you don’t experience it yourself, you will be unable to answer whether you found it easy or difficult. So the answer to how challenging it can be as simple. It’s a myth that it’s challenging. You can answer this question before experiencing it. Your views will completely change once you have hiked yourself. Maybe you will end up loving it even though you thought it was difficult from the beginning. With the resources that are present in today’s world hiking has become as easy as any other sports. You just don’t have to feel it is challenging anymore. There are so many new things created in this time that people have started hiking to the top of the mountains and they have reached theirs effectively. Does the question remain what are those things?

Resources That Changed the Art of Hiking

Once you plan a trip, you make sure you have all the resources available that will be needed for the trip. Similarly, once you plan sports you need to have the resources that are needed in that particular game. E.g. golf set for golf, kitbags, and cricket attire for cricket and shin guards for hockey and football, etc. Correspondingly you need some particular resources for hiking. You just can’t go for a hike with your normal shoes and without carrying relevant stuff. You have to be well prepared for your journey. Then only you will come out achieving your goal without many obstacles.

The resources that are needed for hiking are a proper set of shoes that do not slip on the sands of the mountains. If your shoes are not aligned with the mountainous area, then you cannot even think about reaching a proper level. Similarly, particular socks need to be worn so that you don’t get hurt if you fall during the trip. There will be times when you will fall in the process these socks will prevent you from getting hurt. Apart from this, you need a backpack that contains all your important resources like water bottles, some food items, and most importantly a map if you are moving in a new direction. These backpacks cannot be simple. They have to be specially built for hiking which is water-resistant and at times are military backpacks so that they can carry camping material in it too.

In recent times, hiking has become a lot easier than it was before. The main reason being the increase in exposure towards the sport along with technological advancements. More people have got into hiking so a lot of companies have inclined towards making goods for them. This is why they have made new goods through the technology that is available to them.

New kind of joggers is made for hikers which are sand resistant. They would let their step fix in the sand and the hiker won’t slip through because of it. They could easily hike for long distances without being worried about falling or the shoe being torn off during the hiking process. Similarly, companies made toe cut-resistant socks. Even if the hikers’ fall he wouldn’t be hurt because the socks contain material that covers their toe. It won’t put pressure on the fee preventing any kind of damage. Isn’t it easy to hike now?

Moreover, there are bag packs that are so deep that they can contain a lot of items in them. Temperature control backpacks can help store food for at least two days so the problem of not having food is gone. You need to have a good amount of water stored with you. As this an athletic process it requires you to burn energy. At every point, you will want water. If it is less in quantity your goal is half dead. New backpacks have allowed you to store a lot of water in them that is highly beneficial. There are specially made water bottles that can be kept in those backpacks without taking a lot of space. Half of your issues are dealt as now you can take rest during hiking and you can have your stored water and food. Backpacks are so deep that they can even carry camping materials. Hikers usually worry about what will happen if they can’t come back on the same day. Now, this problem is also solved. You can simply keep your camping material in the backpacks. Whenever you feel like you’re tired and that enough for the day, you can open up your camping material and boom you are safe there to stay.

As technology has improved over the years, there has been an improvement in the hiking experience. Now, there are navigation systems instead of the old maps that can be used to find a clear way for your hiking. Initially, hikers used to complain about how they used to get lost during their journey because the Mao didn’t show a clear way. However, now the navigation systems have improved which has allowed even the minor routes to be displayed on the app. Through this, you can easily find your way towards your final destination.

Isn’t this all too easy now? So what are you waiting for? Just find out the best hiking areas and start with a new experience altogether. This will something beyond your imagination. Not just this it will be an easy task now as most of the complications have been dealt with by researchers and manufacturers who have made goods which are helpful in the process.


Hiking was never this easy before but with some improved resources, we can easily say most of the obstacles have gone by. People who didn’t hike before should give it a try as this experience is fun-filled and now an easy go-to sport. Researches have shown that there is a significant increase in the number of hikers per year. This is mainly because of the easiness brought by different companies. Just a small suggestion if you are thinking to try this activity Plan your journey well before. Look at different shops and sites for the available resources. You can find some amazing new creations that will help make your journey smooth. Isn’t this what you want? Several products are emerging in the market like specially built shoes, socks, and backpacks. Just try and see which one would be helpful for your journey then purchase them.

We would suggest everyone give it a try. You will love this experience. The best part about this is it’s fairly easy now. So forget about having complexities in between. Go for it its different then the everyday sports we play. As hiking has never been this easy before. Can’t wait to see everyone sharing their experience with us.

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